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I've had the lenses for over a year now, when I first got them they were slightly painful however after each night sleeping with them they got more and more comfortable, now i barely notice them. Having poor eyesight was always such a hindrance, now with ortho k lenses i have better than 20/20 vision. The effects last more than one day so they're perfect for me as, being a student, i like to go out and i can a go night without them and the effects last straight through the next day. It's funny that these lenses were actually a massive turning point in my life, i've been happy ever since i got them.

Thomas Matthews

I decided to try the Orthocare contact lenses because I was amazed by the sound of having constant 20-20 vision without the danger and uncertainty of laser eye surgery. At first, the contact lenses were a little bit uncomfortable and my eyes felt a bit gritty, however within a few days I got used to them and now I can barely feel them. I also love the fact that I can see all the time and during the day do not have to worry about an uncomfortable contact lens or dry eyes. It is completely hassle free and I would definitely recommend these lenses especially if like me you have dry eyes that get irritated by wearing normal daily disposable contact lenses. Overall I am extremely pleased with my Orthocare lenses and would highly recommend them.

Stavriana Eleftheriou

I live in France but I come to Optitech for my eye care because I trust the expertise, the thoroughness and the care given to each patient.

I could write a lot more but am aware you need something short. However, I would like to thank you for all of the above, and the sense I get that you do really care about your patients and will not let things slip through the net. Nowhere else do I get an eye appointment that lasts 2 hours!

Mrs Sarah Craigs

I began to use EyeDream lenses in August 2013, having gotten tired of glasses and wanting an alternative. Now, over a year on, my vision has returned to normal thanks to these lenses and would recommend them to anyone.

Upon waking up on the morning after I had put them in for the first time, I was amazed at the fact that most of my sight had been corrected quite literally overnight. Of course, the nature of the lenses means that they have to be worn every night for eyesight to stay consistent, but it is also a great alternative to laser eye surgery in that there are no risks and the process is reversible - that is to say, if you were to stop wearing the lenses, your vision would return back to how it was and there is no harm done.

Because I had not worn any sort of contact lenses before, it took me a few weeks to get used to putting them in, especially as they are hard lenses. However, now I feel completely comfortable with them and it has made my day-to-day life as an A Level student much easier - no more forgetting glasses at home or losing them, no risks of the lenses falling out as with daily contacts, and I can carry on with my studies in the classroom without having to squint at the board all the time!

In short, I highly recommend EyeDream to anyone who wants a quick and simple alternative to glasses or soft contact lenses, and clear vision without the aid of either 24/7. I can safely say that I myself have noticed a huge difference in my vision and guarantee that I'll be using these lenses for a very long time.

Zoe Lykourgou

Thank u 2 all the staff @optitechn14 for the great customer care, class service! I would recommend any1 2 go if u want a check up or specs


The decision to try EyeDream, was an easy one. I had worn glasses as a child and understood the restrictions this can place on a child. The option of wearing lenses just at night seemed odd at first but as it corrects the shape of the eye it made sense. My daughter like most teenagers sleeps for long periods when let ! So the lenses really get a chance to work. She is freed up during the day of any concern from dust and discomfort and can do all sports with no restrictions. Her eye sight has greatly improved and prior to using these lenses her eye sight was deteriorating gradually at each annual check. It took only a week to adjust and the second set, felt comfortable immediately. It has become as routine as brushing her teeth

Mrs Linda McGurrin and Miss Rachael McGurrin

I am writing to say how pleased I am with the Ortho- K lenses which I have now been using for about more than a year. Previously my prescription kept increasing which as a result meant that I would need to change the prescription in my glasses and my contact lenses which was both an expensive and a time wasting process. Therefore I was offered with an alternative solution which was to wear lenses during the night which not only meant that it stopped the myopia that was currently taking place with my eyes but it also meant that I no longer had to wear lenses or glasses during the day and this meant that my everyday vision from then on was so much more comfortable and also my eyes were no longer as dry as it previously was.

After the first night of use of these Ortho- K lenses it felt amazing as I could see clearly from the moment I woke up, I no longer needed to get my glasses or wear my contact lenses to be able to see normally. After many nights of wearing the eye dream lenses my prescription had changed from being -2.5 to a 100% correction meaning that my eyes had a vision of 20/20.

I am very glad that I am using the Ortho- K lenses and I am very confident with using them as even if I don't wear them for one day my eyes will not revert to being blurry like they were previously. I am also confident with using these lenses as if I ever have a question I can go to the opticians were they are always willing to help. I highly recommend these Ortho-K lenses to anyone who is having problems with their eyesight and especially to people whose eyesight keeps getting worse as these lenses are very useful to stop the progression of myopia.


I have to admit I was very sceptical at first about my 12 year old son using contact lenses, but I have been pleasantly surprised. He has taken to these lenses so well that he would never want to go back to glasses. He is very responsible with them and keeps them very clean. Hopefully these will help to stabilize his prescription to give him more options as an adult. I have also been using these for a few years now and enjoy the freedom too. I know it sounds strange wearing contact lenses while you sleep but it really does work.

Jack Elborn