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Eye Care For Over 40's

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Eye Care For Over 40's

Looking after your eyes

A natural age-related change occurs to our eyes in our early to mid forties. The flexible crystalline lenses within our eyes are controlled by muscles that provide the focusing power to adjust our vision at different distances. It is thought that these lenses becomes more rigid with age and the muscles gradually weaken.

This can initially cause eyestrain, headaches and a great deal of frustration. Many of us find that 'our arms are not long enough' or that we have to 'hold a candlelight to our menu in restaurants' or 'the print on food packets has become smaller'! Over time the visual blur can extend from small print to VDU work.

At Optitech, our optometrists will provide you with advice and support on how to cope with this change. We will recommend the type of correction that would best suit your lifestyle, be it reading glasses, varifocals, bifocals or contact lenses. The technology for varifocal type contact lenses has significantly improved and our optometrists will guide you accordingly.

Routine eye examinations become vital beyond the age of 40. There is an increased risk of conditions like cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration. Health problems in the family like high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol can be genetically linked. After the age of 40, our body becomes more vulnerable to inheriting these conditions. Changes can occur in the eyes due to the various health conditions and regular eye examinations provide you with an opportunity to have these conditions detected earlier.

Age is also a state of mind. How often do we say, 'I don't mentally feel I have aged'? Although we have to start taking extra care of our changing bodies, we still have a youthful side of us that determines the fun part of our personality. At Optitech, our dispensing opticians will help you select frames that suit your personality and face shape. We also have all-inclusive offers and frames at great value.