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Environment and State of Mind

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Environment & Mind

Our lifestyles have changed compared to our predecessors. We are now staring at computers for longer hours, multi-tasking throughout the day, creating higher levels of stress and often giving in to fast food and take-aways. Unfortunately this can cause a whole host of eye problems. Staring at computer screens can often cause tired, red, dry eyes. Intensive amounts of computer and close work has also been considered a contributing factor to myopia. Headaches or eye aches can be common if there are small, uncorrected visual problems when the eyes are being pushed to work for you. During your examination, our optometrist will take into account your lifestyle and discuss your visual management.

Even the most conscientious of us find it a challenge to find food that has not been genetically modified, without artificial preservatives, colourings, raised levels of sugar and salt. Most of us are also guilty of drinking far less water than we should.

Poor diet and dehydration leads to vitamin deficiencies and toxin accumulation causing general health and eye conditions. We all know we should eat our carrots for our Vitamin A, but research now indicates that a diet rich in dark leafy green vegetables, oily fish, fresh fruit and following the mantra 'drink plenty of water' could also help maintain the health our eyes. With rising ultraviolet levels (UV) around the world we are quite aware of the effects of the harmful rays on our skin and most of us pack a bottle of suncream for our holidays. However, exposure to UV is also known to cause cancers of the eyelid, thickening/ yellowing of our conjunctiva (skin on the white of our eye), early cataracts and degeneration of the macula (central vision). It is therefore very important to wear a large pair of sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat. Most of our contact lenses have a UV block to help protect the internal part of the eye. Our qualified staff will advise you on the best type of protective eyewear for you and your family.

Maintaining our eyes should be our responsibility. Without our sight, we become dependent on other people. It just takes a little background knowledge, application of a healthy positive lifestyle and trust in your healthcare professional to protect this precious gift of sight.