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Why have an eye examination?

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Eye examinations

A routine eye examination will ensure that your sight is functioning to its optimum level.

In our daily lives, we often adapt and ignore the early symptoms of pain and discomfort that our bodies alert us on. It could be an occasional headache, tired eyes at the end of the day, occasional blurring or even other health problems. How often do we put our symptoms down to stress and a busy lifestyle? We can often choose to ignore our eyes until the disturbances are great enough to affect our lives.

Regular monitoring of your eyes will provide you with the peace and reassurance that your eyes are functioning as they should. Our optometrists will provide you with advice on your lifestyle and how to maintain this precious gift of sight. We use the latest specialist equipment in measuring and assessing the health of your eyes.

Why have an eye examination?

Here are six great reasons for scheduling a comprehensive eye examination:

  • Visual Acuity - enjoy clear vision for all your activities, whether it be driving in different light conditions, or playing sports that necessitate excellent eye-muscle coordination
  • Eye Disease- have confidence rather than faith that your eyes are healthy
  • Developmental Problems - ensure that your child's eyes are checked at an early age when treatment can prevent the development of lazy eye and other binocular vision anomalies
  • Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol - you may have heard the saying 'eyes are the window to your soul'. In reality, they are the 'window to your body', as a thorough assessment can reveal a number of underlying conditions. Early detection is of paramount importance in maintaining your general health and fitness.
  • Headaches - with the ever-increasing use of computer and mobile technology at home and in the workplace, we are pushing our eyes to the limit - are your eyes working at an optimal level to deal with this visual stress? Eyestrain is a common cause of headaches, but it is equally important to rule out other causes. We will discuss the possible risk factors of headaches to enable you to manage them or refer you to your General Practitioner for further investigation
  • Routine Eye Care - many visit the dentist and GP regularly, but we believe it is equally as important to extend the same care to our eyes. Remember, eye examinations are free for children and individuals over the age of 60 years (NHS Eye Examinations)